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/ Patricia Hall- Founder

Raised in San Diego, CA, Patricia fell in love with Pilates as a client years ago.  She moved from San Diego to Houston with her son, Laurence.  Upon her arrival she started taking classes at one of the hottest studios in Houston.  Before she knew it, she was on her way to becoming an instructor. 

Once Patricia taught her first class she knew she had found her passion. Patricia spent that past 4 years as the Head Trainer at her former studio.  When her boss decided he was moving in a different direction, away from Pilates, she knew it was time to step out on her own.  Blessed Body Pilates was born.

Pilates has influenced every aspect of Patricia's life.  She has gone back to school to pursue her doctorate in Physical Therapy.  She has also found a new love for fitness in bodybuilding.  She is a NPC Bikini Athlete competing in fitness competitions across Texas.

In her spare time Patricia loves reading and perfecting her craft.  She loves spending time with her family and her son, as well as her two dogs Zeus and Reina.

/ our vision

Patricia receives so much joy watching her clients overcome obstacles in their health and mobility. Her biggest rewards don't come from the clients who lose a bunch of weight, but from the client who couldn't get off the floor by themselves when they 1st started with her and who now jump up to greet her when she walks in the door. There is nothing more gratifying. Her goal is to bless others the way Pilates has blessed her life.

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