Blessed Body Pilates

Intensity - Med/High

This is our signature reformer class. In this class we utilize the reformer to build strength, tone, stretch, and more. The Blessed Body method uses heavier weight and faster repetitions to insure cardiovascular training as well as light weight training providing body sculpting like you've never experienced before. In 3 weeks you'll feel stronger and see a major difference in your body composition.

Blessed Express

Intensity - High

 (30 minute lunch time class)

If you work in the area and want to get a nice workout in during your lunch hour this class is for you!! We pack a high intensity workout into just 30 minutes giving you time to get in, get your work out and head back to work. Perfect for those who find it a little harder to get a good workout in before or after work. Come spend your lunch hour with me!

Single Class $15

10 Classes $125


Intensity - Low

Available on Sundays only, this class is more of a body maintenance class. Stretching is vital in maintaining your body and preventing injury. Unfortunately most people don't do nearly enough stretching causing muscle injury, low back pain and more. This class is majority stretching. You will get a light workout, but the emphasis throughout class will be on stretching. The slower pace and long stretches will leave you feeling relaxed, centered and ready to take on your week ahead. You'll feel like a whole new person. So join us every  Sunday and STRETCH IT OUT!!

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